We Make it easy to say I Love Utica

It’s all about the people, bringing everyone together and helping business’s thrive by working together. I Love Utica is all about celebrating Utica, NY (aka Handshake City or Sin City) and supporting the growth of positive perspective on life in this city.

We’re weird in Utica and that’s ok It’s what makes us awesome!

There’s lots to do here in Utica, parks, zoo’s, community events. We try to bring it all to you here and on our facebook page. If you want to you can join our newsletter and we’ll update you with cool information on everything going on in Utica NY.

Spending time outdoors is Utica, NY is a great reason you should be saying I LOVE UTICA. Weather you want to find some space in the city to play, walk your dog or just sit and relax Utica NY has a bunch of different places that you can go to enjoy life outside and truly experience all of Utica.

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