Tell me why you love Utica, write a comment on this blog describing what you love about Utica. The best one will win a FREE I Love Utica T-shirt of their choice. But beware, I’m not going to pick the person who writes “the food”, I’m going to choose the most creative answer that makes me love Utica too.

Listen I’m not asking you to write a story in the comments, but please tell us all why you love Utica and try thinking with your brain instead of your belly. You know I love the food too. We have the best food.

There is more to love about Utica, NY than just the food.

For me its unconditional. I love this place because I was born and raised here. My family is from here. I love Utica because, as much as I can be The Utican, there is always something new for me to learn, a different tradition to be shown. It’s a reminder that as much as this place seems to stay the same, its constantly changing for everyone every day in different ways.

Yes we have great food. I’ll be the first one to say its some of the best in the world. But there’s more. We have great people, people who just wont give up on Utica. Our history, the story of Utica is totally awesome. Yeah Maybe you know a lot but you don’t know it all. Our history is will explain a lot of why we are this way.

I’m all hopped up on Utica Greens and half moon cookies

Places to go and things to see and stuff to do. Yeah I know, you’re bored. You’ve been in Utica for 75 years. You’ve been everywhere, ME TOO! Remember its the simple things that make this place great. Some days I know I’m going to get every red light on Genny, but I know people who have been able to tell me their life story as we drove on Genny stopping at the lights and taking the time to talk about life. It’s Waiting in line at Voss’s and meeting someone new as you tell them what sexy pork is. Maybe what i’m trying to say is embrace the day to day things that may even annoy you and love them for how they have shaped you to be an amazing person.

Utican’s are strong, we stand-up for what we believe in. We voice our opinions and no one can argue better than someone full of tomato pie.