Get on The Bus for The Biggest Pub Crawl in Utica, NY


It’s not about me!?!!! The Utica Pub Crawl is about the bars in Utica NY. It’s about trying new things and its about trying new things in our city.

Upcoming Utica Pub Crawl Schedule:

The pubs for each tour are picked out in advance and in constant rotation so that if you’re someone who wanted to go on all the pub crawls listed you will get a different experience ever time.

Utica NY always has awesome things to do, one of those things is going out to bars/ pubs to experience different people and different parts of the city. That is exactly why I love Utica Created the Utica, Pub Crawl.

Get on the bus for the Utica Pub Crawl!

The Utica NY Pub Crawl is a monthly bus tour of pubs in the Utica area. When you get on the bus we’ll safely will take you from bar to bar. Where you can go with people you know to new places, try different beers and meet more people just like you who want to have a good time in Utica.

Come Experience Utica NY’s Bars in a City Wide Pub Tour

Utica has a long history with beer. Home to several breweries with the most famous being whats now known as The Saranac Brewery. While the Saranac Brewery is host to several concerts, Saranac Thursdays and one of Utica’s biggest events The Boilermaker Road Race people coming in to town and even locals only go to the bars that are located in the brewery district. But there tons of bars in the city and surrounding areas.

This event has been created in effort to help local business in Utica NY. Each person on tour will be buying beer from a bar they may never have gone to without the help of the tour.


Contact Us About The Pub Crawl

Please feel free to contact us with questions or anything regarding the Utica NY Pub Crawl.

Help out and Sponsor The Event

If you would like to get your business some exposure to all the different people who come on the pub crawl, there are several different ways that you can help out through sponsorship.

Suggest a Pub for the Next Pub Crawl

Is there a bar that we didn’t hit yet that you think people would like to experience? Please submit that bar.