Summer has finally arrived to Utica NY. The weather is warm, the nights are longer and everyone sure knows what to do when that happens. I laugh because some people are so predictable that it makes writing this article a breeze.

Anyone who is alive knows that in the summer we can expect warmer weather, there might be bugs, and sometimes it might be HOT here in Utica, NY.

Here are the best things you can do this Summer in Utica NY

What I’m most excited about this Summer is seeing the reaction we get from everyone on social media. Everyone is going to go in a frenzy when it hits home, as if we are not all experiencing the same things.

The screenshot: You will see it in your feed a screenshot of how hot it is and maybe a caption explaining hot they can’t believe they have to deal with it. Or they might say that they are lucky to be in their cubicle in the AC and even I wish it was winter, anything is better than this heat.

Then of course there will be people who just straight up tell you. It’s soooooo hot. Others will remind you how glad they are that they have a pool, or poll their friends to see who has a pool. This one is great because there will be a lengthy thread with people chiming in and it will turn into a reunion for people.

Straight-up hate! I hate the hot, its way to hot for anyone to function. I hate this heat.

My favorite still are all the people who will claim that they are happy to be stuck in the office because they have air conditioning. This is one thing I would never say.

Seriously though friends Summer is only here for a couple months!

Make sure you do some of the great things to do. Run through a sprinkler, go put your feet in a creek, explore the Adirondacks get an ice cream cone and let it drip all over your hand. Love your summer!