A friend of mine sent me a poem, or a thank you letter to Utica. It made me think about a lot. I realized that Utica has a special place for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you left and came home again, if you never left or if you can’t find a reason to love it.

Utica NY will always be here, its going to make you smile, cry and all it want is for you to be a part of it all.

Please take a second to read what Kristy Lenuzza wrote about Utica and how it has impacted her, and why she’s thankful.

Dear Utica,

Thank you for taking me back.
Thank you for having my back.
Thank you for the little hideaway nooks that only you and I know about.
Thank you for the neighbors who wave back.
Thank you for the endless helping hands that show up with sleeves rolled up.
Thank you for the vivid, warm memories that appear in an instant.
Thank you for having good people move into my grandparents’ house.
Thank you for the ancestral spirit that magically lingers in the streets and in the air.
Thank you for changing with the times, having solid faith that you’re in good hands.
Thank you for your loyal and resilient spirit that teaches us all how to live and love.
Thank you for your around the clock open arm policy to whoever, whenever.
Thank you for your strength in times of self-doubt and uncertainty.
Thank you for keeping our community united and strong.
Thank you for trusting us.
For believing in us.
For knowing that we have your back too.

Thank you.

I hope the poem/letter inspired you today. I hope you find a reason to love our city. If you have a hard time, I’ll try to make it easy for you. My Love for Utica is strong and contagious. I hope it catches up with you.