It’s not like these rules have been written and handed down from generation to generation as a matter fact these rules are never even spoken of. These rules are just excepted and known.

Rule 1
You will never see a full tomato pie unless you go and get it yourself. Whomever goes to get it is allowed two road pieces.

Rule 2
The person who opens the tomato pie box first has to announce “Hey there’s Tomato Pie over here”

Rule 3
No one, other than your ma, is allowed to tell you to “save some” because others still haven’t arrived. If you’re late you lose.

Rule 4
If and when you get some of the tomato pie sauce on your shirt it’s best to stretch your shirt to your mouth and suck the sauce off. If anyone questions you you can’t only say “whaaaat”.

Rule 5
If you or someone asks you what tomato pie is. You must try it and insist that they try it right then. Don’t let up until they try it. Then as the most experienced person in the room name their top 3 places to get it in Utica.

If anybody likes to break rules it’s me. But these rules like I said before our sort of unwritten rules there like the practices of tomato pie the procedures of tomato pie. You won’t even know you’re following these rules it will just happen naturally and you’ll enjoy tomato pie like a real Utican.