Since moving to Utica I soon realized that I had to try the world famous “Utica Greens”. Upon hearing this I thought it was a park or something, but boy was I wrong.

Utica greens is a very well-known dish served as an appetizer but to get the full effect I ate it as a meal.

I decided to eat Utica Greens at the birth place, Chesterfield Restaurant in Utica. I sat down and didn’t even look at the menu, when the waitress came over and asked what I would like I told her, “ I’m here for the famous Utica Greens”. To my surprise she chuckled and said “we call them Greens Morelle here but I’ll go put the order in for you”.

While I waited I ordered a drink and answered emails. The restaurant was busy for a Tuesday afternoon, so I knew it had to be good.

Before I knew it the waitress was walking my way with a steaming hot dish. She slowly set it down on the table, it looked and smelled delicious. The dish was garnished with cheese and peppers leaving it very appealing to the eye. There was also small pieces of bread delicately laid out next to the dish. The dish itself was beautiful and I was very eager to dig in.

I picked up a slice of bread and dipped it in. As I lifted the bread up cheese started oozing of the bread and I could instantly smell the peppers and spices that were added to the dish. As I chewed the flavors seemed to explode into my mouth both individually and then together with the other ingredients. It was magical.

I immediately took another bite of the Utica Greens, then another and another.

I finished the whole dish in less than ten minutes, I happily tipped my waitress and paid my bill and left. The experience from start to finish was amazing, the second I walked in the door of Chesterfields I knew I was not going to be disappointed.